born in Remscheid, Germany
1964-66 Drawing lessons at the Folkwang-Schule für Gestaltung, Essen
1967 A-Levels at Carl-Humann-Gymnasium, Essen
1969-74 studied Philosophy, Art-Histoy and Archaeology n Würzburg, Tübingen and Heidelberg
1972 Friendship with Fritz Wotruba compiling a register of his works
1973 marriage with Brigitte Holzinger, Freiburg
  Birth of the children Nikolaus 1973, Kristina 1975, Anuk 1977, Matthias und Tobias 1982
1974-79 studied Fine Arts in Mainz
1980 Freelance sculptor and painter in Heidelberg
1991 Studio in the former baroque church of Epfenbach
1997 Studio in Wermelskirchen (Cologne)